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Cleanearth Scientific

Bridging the grains supply chain gap


The following SDG impact is applicable to Cleanearth Scientific

Wastewater treatment in Ghana is very appalling. The majority of industries are situated along the coast such that they discharge their effluent directly into the ocean without any form of treatment, while those located inland discharge theirs into major streams and urban storm drain. A company such as Cleanearth Scientific is a game changer in this predicament.
Cleanearth Scientific is an engineering services company that supports mainly industrial and manufacturing companies with water analytical and treatment services to ensure quality in their water, products, and environment. Their vision is to be a leader in the analytical instruments and water services markets in West Africa.

Cleanearth’s Analytical business ensures that the operations of clients do not harm the environment. They provide them with the tools, equipment, and critical resources to help them test the quality of their residual outputs prior to any release into the environment.
Their Water Services Business provides the needed mitigation and remediation when clients’ output has the potential to negatively impact the environment. They are able to treat and recycle wastewater from clients to make sure they comply with all environmental regulations and cleaner production standards.

Cleanearth Scientific

Wangara’s funding is to support Cleanearth’s working capital, expand its geographical reach (as they intend to reach other African countries)
and for customer acquisition.
Cleanearth Scientific is making a difference in the quality of life and environment, one treatment at a time.