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Kofa Holdings Limited

Pioneering Electric Motors

The following SDG impact is applicable to Kofa:

Kofa Holdings is a technology business incorporated in Ghana and the UK, as a private company limited by shares. The firm is focused on providing customers with a portable battery network that provides clean energy for multiple uses starting with electric motorcycles. KOFA Technologies was registered in 2021 with the objective of completely adopting renewable energy across all energy needs by using electric motorcycles, powered by its advanced battery network. The business’ mission is to create an affordable, sustainable, and customer-driven electricity network. The business has its headquarters (administrative office) at Roman Ridge, Ghana.

Wami Agro, an AgTech, lessens the burden on these farmers by marrying technology with agriculture to help solve the challenges faced by these small holder farmers. It provides Agric Input Credit in the form of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and farm mechanization services to the smallholder farmers on a deferred payment basis. This one act eliminates a number of issues and paves way for the small holder farmers to go about their business.